Why ‘Two Lovers Point’?

Every day, many tourists and locals meet at this well-known cliff to admire its beautiful seascapes and make new discoveries about the Chamorro people and culture. After months of deciding on a name for our newfound duo, a close relative recommended we make this famous landmark our namesake. In January 2017, we branded our duo as ‘Two Lovers Point’, in hopes that our love for our island, culture and music will bring comfort to those living away from our beloved Guahan, and give our non-Chamorro friends a glimpse of paradise.



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Contact info:
1 (619) 354-0654

Upcoming Gigs

Below is a list of our upcoming performances. This list is updated weekly as needed.

Event Date
Private Party 07/29/2107
Guahan Grill in Point Loma 08/04/2017
Private Event 08/10/2017
Private Party 10/14/2017


Music brought Jerico and I together in the winter of 2011 when a close friend of ours asked us to play with her band at an upcoming college event. A few months of band practice and YouTube covers later—we fell in love! ♥ Though we loved being in Seattle with our friends, life brought us to sunny San Diego to find better job opportunities and be closer to family. Almost instantly, we started jamming at weekend family get togethers, then started getting inquiries from family friends, friends of friends, and eventually…strangers!

From there, we realized that music was a huge part of our lives and needed to share our gift with anyone who was willing to listen. In 2017, we officially became Two Lovers Point, and the rest—as they say—is history.